Believing In Horses Out West

It’s official; I am well into writing my third book with a working title of Believing In Horses Out West. Young Sadie ventures to a Montana dude ranch to check on Sunny, the Palomino mare she rescued last year. But the family vacation takes a turn for the worse when Sadie unravels a mystery involving unsavory ranch hands putting Sunny and other horses in grave danger.

Why write about a ranch? Ranches are near and dear to my heart. The year my father died, I decided to do things I’d always wanted to do, like visiting a dude ranch. I signed up for the Hooves of History Cattle Drive that included a week-long trip at Homeplace Ranch with a three-day cattle drive in the middle. I traveled by myself to Alberta, Canada, and fell in love with the ranch lifestyle. It would not be my last ranch trip.

Two years later as I drove myself across the county to my new duty station in San Diego, I stopped at several ranches along the way. It was at the Circle Bar Ranch in Utica, Montana, that I decided to buy my own horse when I arrived in California. I had put off having horses in my life for too long, and the ranch brought me back to my senses and the realization that if I waited for the perfect time to have a horse again, it might never happen.

I met my husband after that trip, and we’ve since enjoyed trekking around the globe and experienced one of the most spectacular trips of a lifetime, the Red Rock Ride. We made friendships that have lasted for years, and much of the scenery is still captured in my mind.

I want to share the information I have in my personal database about those experiences. Ranches are not all about riding; they are about a lifestyle. It’s about hospitality, enjoying the outdoors, meeting new people, and living the cowboy and cowgirl life for a brief moment in time.

I hope I can inspire readers to sit back and enjoy the ride. My goal is to paint pictures with words that help people escape and get a glimpse into another world they may not have seen. And just maybe, a reader or two may be motivated to take a chance and decide to believe in horses out west one day, too. The journey begins….


Paperback Giveaway! Bookstore for Horse Lovers

It’s a celebration now, all right! To honor the global launch of The Bookstore for Horse Lovers, we are giving away a number of fiction and non-fiction horse books signed by the authors!

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Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast – Believing In Horses!

Valerie Ormond and Believing In Horses

I was so happy Carly Kade included me in her wonderful lineup of equine authors for Episode 42: On Believing in Horses, Local Media & Telling Military-Related Stories with Valerie Ormond (Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast).

Watch on YouTube, listen to the audio version, and see Carly’s superb interview style. The show notes contain some interesting side tidbits, too.

Thank you, Carly, for this opportunity, and for inspiring me to begin my third book in the series. More about that later….

So Proudly We Hailed – Opportunity


I received an email from the Executive Director of New Musicals Inc. yesterday. He asked me if I could help get the word out to veterans who have stories to tell, or writers and composers who might want to be involved in adapting stories for a musical webseries. The So Proudly We Hailed event’s tagline is “a musical webseries honoring veterans in their own words.” I wanted to share this unique opportunity with you. I also found the New Musicals Inc. organization interesting and would have never known about them had they not reached out to me. [Read more…]

Actively Learn with “Believing In Horses, Too”

Educators from Actively Learn discovered the Believing In Horses series after the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test featured an excerpt of the first book in its 2015 annual test. Following discussions, Actively Learn decided to feature two excerpts from Believing In Horses, Too in their creative curriculum. Actively Learn uses a new approach to learning by providing free English Language Arts (ELA) and other content embedded with standards-aligned assignments to help students learn. [Read more…]

Help for Homeschoolers!

I want to offer help to parents struggling to homeschool their children, a job most parents are not trained to do. My solution also helps parents fill a void for their horse crazy kids missing their horse activities due to the current COVID19 shutdowns.

Teacher’s Tack for Believing In Horses is available for free here as a PDF file. This teacher’s guide accompanies my book, Believing In Horses, an inspirational story about a strong-willed girl in a military family who commits to saving unwanted horses. My brother, Eddy Ormond, developed learning plans and fun activities, complete with a full homeschooling module to accompany the book. [Read more…]